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09-08-2018 Written by Xavier Geerdink

Marketplace AppSource accepts Synigo Pulse for Office 365

Microsoft AppSource is the marketplace for business users. In AppSource business users can find, try and use line-of-business software from Microsoft and its partners. After a process of validation Synigo Pulse for Office 365 is listed and is available for trial. In this blog we explain the importance of AppSource to Synigo.

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Microsoft blog announces Synigo Pulse added to AppSource

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Why Microsoft AppSource

Microsoft AppSource is an easy way for business users to find and try business applications. Each month more than 2 million users visit the AppSource marketplace and this number is growing. To Synigo this enables connections with people around the world that would otherwise not be possible. Microsoft helps us to launch promotions and generate demand. It is a very important platform to further deepen Synigo’s collaboration with Microsoft.

What is Microsoft AppSource

Microsoft AppSource is an app store. In Microsoft’s vision, AppSource is the central hub regardless of what business app you are after. Synigo Pulse fits very well into AppSource because Synigo Pulse is built on top of Microsoft products; Office 365, Power BI, Azure, SharePoint. AppSource covers solutions tailored to all industries.

Collaboration with Microsoft

Microsoft AppSource is the launch pad for joint-go-to-market with Microsoft. Synigo received technical support from the Microsoft AppSource team and some good recommendations about our consent methods. Microsoft AppSource's team has dedicated marketing experts that help Synigo with go to market campaigns.


Seeing is believing. A very practical benefit to visitors of AppSource is that they can use their regular Office 365 user account to activate the trial of Synigo Pulse. This makes it very simple and gives business users a pleasant and common user experience.

CRM Dynamics

We are very happy with Microsoft AppSource’s integration with CRM Dynamics. This makes nurturing leads more efficient.

Future of marketplaces

An increasing number of business users orient themselves using market places. The adoption of application marketplace by organizations will likely rise from 29% to 75% in 2 years. As an Independent Software Vendor it is evident Synigo must be part of this development. Business users demand a quick touch down about the benefits to their organization. Synigo Pulse is a turn-key solution that is ready to use within hours. The validation of Microsoft AppSource helps business users to trust Synigo to deliver on that promise. 

Synigo is very pleased about its collaboration with Microsoft. As one of the leading marketplaces, Microsoft has a wealth of experience with all business facets of generating value from Cloud services. Microsoft’s AppSource Marketplace will help us to market Synigo to a range of customers across the world.

You can find Synigo Pulse for Office 365 here.


Of great help to us was Christine Alford's presentation at Microsoft Inspire 2018 in Las Vegas. 

Thanks to the assistance of Microsoft Go-to-Market services

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