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Start! At your employer, with your project or campaign

Personal start or dossier page 

See at a glance your dossier, your contract, your first acquaintance meeting. Or land on a cool campaign page. Content editors can share information in a very focused way using this new module from Synigo Pulse: My Start!  

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The advantages of My Start: 


A lean-and-mean landing page with a hierarchy.   


Using a grid layout, you can put together your desired landing page.  

Personal content

Display very specific, personal content. Also API-driven.     

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The birth

The birth of my start is a convergence of customer applications. An accountancy office that, with Pulse, gives its customers access to the annual accounts. ROC Noorderpoort and Friese Poort, which students receive digitally in the new academic year (my start). And the wish of Humanitas DMH to give their client portal more layers. Plus the desire to create cool landing pages on your digital workplace and social intranet, result in this new module.

Synigo Pulse start

With the start module of Synigo Pulse you give users a bubble within your Pulse platform: personal and very focused. It lends itself well to applications such as

  • Landing page for internal communication and marketing.
  • Gather file information for employees, clients.
  • Highlight specific content (articles, news, events) around a certain theme or goal.
  • Create a file page.

Handy for organizations that want to show new users information in a snacky way.


The editors are in control of how the layout is built up, how many subpages there are and where the content comes from. Widgets can also contain content from other systems thanks to our OneApi.

Useful features

  • Make your own layout
  • File driven
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