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Give your workspace & intranet a beginning and an end

Synigo loves collaboration. After all, we’re a network organization. Our partners are tried and tested in the implementation of digital workspaces, intranets, and tools for online collaboration. Synigo’s partners give a project a start and a finish, and each contributes specific expertise.

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At Adoptics, they really put the spotlight on the users. What do they need to be able to easily get their work (or studying) done — and have fun doing so? How do you design a communication portal that makes people happy? By involving them in its development. Adoptics knows all about this and they support organizations with this “soft” side. But the result is firm: a collaboration portal that is warmly accepted. 


ALSO is a partner for partners. You can approach ALSO for everything that involves computers — including software, hardware and advice. The ALSO team is always devoted to providing good advice. 


Bradon is a growing company, one that helps its clients configure their workspaces. Bradon knows what clients need when it comes to a communication workspace. Synigo and Bradon work together well to meet this need.   

Broad Horizon

Broad Horizon is a streamlined tech company. We have been collaborating with them from the start. Their workspace team knows all the ins and outs. You will find very driven people there! They love their customers, (Microsoft) technology, and change. And they have a big adoption heart for the end user. Professional and to-the-point. Broad Horizon focuses on education, finance, retail, and small and medium-sized businesses.   


The solutions team of Brunel is a top team. They are practical, customer-oriented and very skilled in the area of Microsoft technology and custom links. Their consultants work closely with Synigo, they know their way around, and they help larger clients in the implementation & adoption phases. 


SoftwareOne loves SaaS solutions that take work off your hands. SoftwareOne is a formidable market player in the field of licensing contracts and cloud consultation. They know all the ins and outs of Microsoft technology. Synigo works closely with SoftwareOne’s expert cloud team. SoftwareOne has a total solution with a fully described adoption process for Microsoft Office and Teams.   

De schone was

Let’s liven things up a bit, thought De schone was (Dutch for ‘clean laundry’). Will and Nelleke help clients progress, innovate and write sleek content. We have been working with De schone was from the start. They know all the ins and outs of Synigo Pulse, also because they have participated in its development! 

Masters in ICT

Lemontree is a smart ICT service provider. Using OneDesk, Lemontree delivers a complete solution for the digital workspace. Solid and skillful — that describes the Lemontree team to a T. They leave nothing to chance and know how to be a good team! Lemontree knows all about hybrid solutions and they are very service-oriented. 


KNNS believes that accessible and simple IT gives you the freedom to do what you’re good at. And this also makes it easier and more fun. Anywhere and for anyone. Their main focus is on you as a person. That’s why KNNS supports you — from organizing and administering your IT environment to fully training your employees. 


Liquit is a technology partner of Synigo that has a smart software solution for provisioning applications. They are intelligent and thorough. Liquit and Synigo have been working together from the start. Clients who use Liquit can easily find their applications on the Synigo Pulse workspace.   

Mendy Visser

Mendy Visser is a star in communication and branding. She understands good content and is focused and clear. Mendy has assisted large and more complex customer environments with their knowledge base, conveniently called Knowledge Base. She knows all the ins and outs of Knowledge Base and loves to discuss improvements with Synigo.   


Synigo has a special bond with Microsoft, which develops products to give people more possibilities. We create beautiful software for the Microsoft platform. And we are crazy about the modern communication and collaboration tools. Synigo participates in various Microsoft product groups and works closely with its education team.   

PCI (formerly ICT Spirit)

PCI IT Solutions provides flexible ICT solutions that fit with the organizational objectives and ambitions of its clients. The workspace team of PCI IT Solutions has proven knowledge of Microsoft technology, from Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint up to an including advanced security solutions. They guide clients through the technical and functional implementation and adoption of the Modern Workplace. Professional, personal and experienced.   


Simac is a genuine all-rounder in technology. They believe in teamnology: technology solutions that work and keep on working. From hosting and electrical engineering to workspace projects. They are a team player that steers large-scale technology projects in the right direction. At Simac, they know what they are talking about! Synigo and Simac frequently spar with each other about adoption, workspaces, data centers (Citrix, virtual desktops) and the implementation of Microsoft tooling.   

SLB Services

The advisory center for education. SLB Services (SLB Diensten) takes care of all your software questions for secondary education. They have an expert team of advisors at their disposal. SLB Services has a great training center for Microsoft applications.   


Solvinity is working hard to succeed. They are a client who became a partner because they are crazy about Synigo Pulse. A team of specialists — both technical and functional — provide clients a complete workspace and data center solution. Security is their specialty and holds no secrets for them.   


WilroffReitsma’s strong suit is their combination of telephony and ICT. With an experienced team of Microsoft consultants, they are able to switch quickly — technically and functionally. The driving force of WilroffReitsma is to make things easy for their clients. And that fits well with our aims! WilroffReitsma focuses mainly on small and medium-sized businesses.   


EduConn helps companies in (mainly) education in the field of digitization, integrated collaboration and accessibility. A good match - because our product lends itself perfectly to education.

The work of EduConn translates into the realization of digital workplaces. But they are also good at IT consultancy, adoption, change management and Office 365 implementations.

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