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Frequently Asked Questions

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The choice for a social intranet or digital workplace is not easy. We have listed the questions we receive the most. To help you decide whether Pulse can be a suitable platform for your organization and what the implementation involves from Marketing & Communication, HRM & ICT. Do you want to know more or do you have any other questions? Please contact us or sign up for a demonstration. This way you will immediately become acquainted with our platform and we will answer many more questions. Or ask your own question at the bottom of this page.

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Marketing communicatie

What is possible in the field of corporate identity, communities and target groups?


How do we ensure well-informed, engaged and happy employees?


How do you set up the IT infrastructure, with Microsoft as a basis, as well as possible?

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Marketing & Communication questions:

Yes, you can add the logo, apply the colors and icons, upload videos and/or create a recognizable style with images.

The CMS is based on Umbraco and works very intuitively. You can give colleagues access to specific parts. Think of IT colleagues who can only post notifications. This makes it clear and easy. And it even includes translation functionality.

This can be done in one day, because all parts are included as standard. However, we see that there is something more involved: collecting the right information and documents, organizing management and writing content. This therefore depends on the wishes and amount of information you want to share.

We recommend organizing a cut and paste session with different target groups. This determines which parts are relevant to your target groups. Want to know more about this? Please contact one of our partners or read more on 'A guest'. The platform is aimed at serving different target groups. By granting permissions, everyone only sees what is relevant to him or her.

Yes, the platform scales to the device you are working on. It is also possible to implement our App. This is very easy, you just slide the existing parts of your platform into it. Go to the native app page to read more about this.

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HR questions: 

You would like important matters about holidays, leave, collective labor agreement and mileage allowance to be dealt with properly. This can be done via the news module, social timeline (chat), important notifications, showcases or push notifications in the app. You decide who receives or sees the message!

The personnel handbook can easily be incorporated into the knowledge base – which is known as 'Weten & Regelen'. Information and documents can be categorized and shared in a user-friendly way. You can also use the face book, so that colleagues can easily find each other.

Share some best practices or projects that you are proud of (in the showcases module). Make sure employees can comment and let users like or share the project with others. Another application is that employees can participate in the discussion about a news item or topic. Think of a vision article or values and standards video statement.

The social nature of our platform is ideal for this. Just some ideas: post a message on the chat, set up the reaction module for news items, highlight showcases, organize an event, and show who else is coming. Share polls, fun photos and videos. The platform lends itself well to teams and/or departments themselves taking responsibility for their content.

It is not only a social intranet, but also a digital workplace. In the morning, an employee really only needs to open our platform. He or she immediately sees which appointments he has, what his most important tasks are and easily clicks through to the rest of the systems that are needed.

The Synigo Pulse platform can interpret its own identity well. This can be target-oriented and very personal. With the showcases module you share the projects, products and/or best practices that you are proud of per target group of interest. And you can give employees a (friendly) push by showing personal notifications and slim notifications. For example, by showing that you have completed 8 of 9 courses. From that you still have 4 open cases or files. For instance, a customer uses the course participation of its staff by enrolling people in training courses by default and showing that you are registered for a course.

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ICT questions: 

Access is given via your own Microsoft Azure Active Directory/Microsoft 365. A user always logs in with his own account. Authentication takes place according to the settings and policies that you have set up within Azure AD. Think of MFA and conditional access. Our web application is accessible via an SSL connection (TLS 1.2). You determine the security level yourself, for example via MFA. ADFS is supported.

Synigo Pulse runs entirely on Microsoft Azure Western Europe.

Our platform is a software-as-a-service solution. It relieves you of all technical actions related to provisioning, hosting and updates. The technical effort is therefore minimal. We do see an important role for technology in organizing Azure AD groups, enriching user profiles and/or setting up integrations with business applications. Synigo and our partners have ample knowledge to help you.

Standard software gives you a bit of security. All our customers use the same platform, so we hear a lot of wishes. We are continuously developing on this. We also have standard manuals and a support center for specific questions. Standard at Synigo also means that we have standardized the OneAPI for data exchange with other systems.

You need at least a Microsoft Azure account. You decide which Microsoft 365 license form you offer to users. The specific license form of Microsoft 365 ultimately determines what the user can / cannot do with Microsoft 365 related products on Synigo Pulse. So you do not need a paid Microsoft 365 license to use Synigo Pulse, the CMS and a number of features such as news, quicklinks, banners and the knowledge base. You can also give (external) users access through an Azure AD guest account, this also works on their own email address.
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