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Seek and find. Use One Search and save time.

No more searching for hours on your digital workplace and intranet. One Search ensures efficiency and saves time.

Easily search through the platform. But also through external search sources.

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The advantages of One Search: 

Work more efficiently

Work more efficiently through one search bar for all your sources.

Save time

Save time as searching is made easy.

Search easily

Make searching easy and convenient.

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Recognize this?

JYou are looking for that one document within your company, a colleague's contact details or information from a specific e-mail. Then you first have to look for the right part. And once there start looking for the right information. This is where 10% of the time on a working day is spent. Especially if you add the searches in external systems, such as Teams, Sharepoint or Afas.

One Search

We think that could be done differently. One Search is an all-in-one search source within the portal for social intranet, digital workplace and data integration. You can search through the News, Weten & Regelen (knowledge and document database), your own e-mail, documents and external search sources. In fact, everything that your organization links to this.

So what is it exactly?

As a user, you can see One Search via a large and clear search bar at the top of the portal. You can link all the sources you want to this in the CMS. At the front, a user can choose what he or she is searching through, via the clear menu. Or just search through everything. An overview is shown of the best matching search results, so that you can click through immediately. And you can get to an overview page.

"If someone calls, I immediately use the One Search and I can impress with the information I get there. That speed and efficiency is of great added value to us." Daniel Winkelman - Gilde Equity Management

External sources

We have already seen some great external sources in our One Search. Companies are already searching through our portal by:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • AFAS
  • Topdesk
  • Zenya

How complicated is it?

Users will be grateful when they can find information from other applications through the digital workspace. The link is thus established. Please check whether the external application can be connected.

Good to know

One Search is standard in Pulse. It's just a matter of switching it on – and possibly linking external sources.

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