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Internal company app: Keep connected

Your organization in your pocket 

There’s so much to know and arrange for employees. You have tasks, deadlines, teams in which you collaborate, procedures, announcements, and more. How handy would it be to have all of this organized in one place in your own internal company app?  

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The advantages of our internal company app:  

quick implementation

Ready to go. No need to reinvent the wheel. 

One place

Everything you need for work in one place: applications, people directory, events, news, facts, notifications. 


Our internal company app is seamlessly integrated with your business-specific systems. 

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Native app for your mobile workspace 

The Synigo Pulse app for Apple and Android is just such as practical tool. You have everything you need for your work in one place, and interwoven with Microsoft 365 by design, which makes it possible to reach all your colleagues in one go. In your own corporate branding. Simple and effective.  

Extra channel for internal communications 

How do you inform your employees? With the app, colleagues can page through the latest news, receive important notifications, and have the people directory in their pocket. An interesting feature of your own company app is that you can send push notifications to users. You can get your message across very quickly and in a targeted manner. 

IT Management with Microsoft Intune 

The native app can be rolled out using Microsoft Intune. The Synigo Pulse native app supports the application of Intune policy rules, such as no copying and no making screenshots. For more information, contact us at  


Who wants to read a 100-page employee handbook? These days, almost no one. But you can use the app as an employee handbook. With Synigo Pulse, you can list the answers to all questions in the user-friendly FAQ, or share information via the knowledge base. 


Feel free to ask 

“Curious whether our native app could be something for your organization? Feel free to call me, or just ask your questions in an email.” 

Xavier Geerdink - Business Consultant

Call: +31 88 3838500

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Modern tools for communication
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User friendly
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