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Digital workplace and social intranet

A personal workplace

Synigo Pulse is a personal workplace where you have everything together for your work: tasks, calendars, notifications, applications, company news and groups in which you collaborate. It is a digital workplace and social intranet in one.

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Synigo Pulse can be put to his/her hand by an individual user: which widgets are where on the portal, choice of news to follow, which apps to launch, what Quicklinks show, add your own favourites, etc.

Clear starting point

The employer determines what is available to users, what is mandatory and what can be adapted by users. Using the Synigo Pulse management environment, you turn parts on and off.


Synigo Pulse includes a timeline feature where employees can share information, inspire each other, ask questions, respond, and like messages. Through this function, employees see what is happening in the organization and in their teams.


Synigo Pulse shows all your (web) applications. Synigo Pulse includes standard integration with Citrix and Microsoft RDS. A user sees their applications at a glance and can start that single Sign-On, whether they're running locally or in a datacenter.

Data integration and task-oriented

Synigo Pulse makes it possible to present information from other applications. This way, you no longer have to open all your applications to know if you need to do anything.

Synigo Pulse has several options for this, such as personal notifications/actions with (deep) links to data, short lists of information and (deep) links to the application (e.g. open tickets/requests) and calendar items (e.g. planning).

Make your personal workplace relevant

Make your personal workplace relevant


Synigo Pulse is an adaptive Web application. You can decide which parts are/will not be shown on the mobile. Soon the native iOS and Android app is available.


The design is clean, clear and functional. Give it your look-and-feel in order for employees to feel at home.

Office 365

Synigo Pulse makes Office 365 understandable, encourages collaboration between colleagues and enhances employee satisfaction. Synigo Pulse increases the return on your investment in Office 365.

User-friendly Content management

Synigo Pulse provides a user-friendly Content Management system (CMS) to content managers. Present procedures, working conditions and work information in a beautiful and user-friendly way. 

Working safely

Privacy and security of customer data and employees are a top priority for organizations. Pulse for Microsoft 365 is AVG or GDPR ready. It is distinctive that the employer has control over access and data through the regular Microsoft Active Directory/Office 365 settings, supplemented with EMS and Intune, if necessary.


Synigo Pulse is a service that you use per user per month. It is activated in an instant. No complicated projects or customization is needed.

The introduction of a new social intranet & digital Workplace raises many questions about the desired way of working. Because Synigo Pulse is ready to use, deployment teams can focus entirely on provisioning, content migration and adoption. Synigo Pulse boosts your new social intranet and workplace.

How to proceed now?

A new digital workplace and social intranet for Office 365 is something that you turn on for your employees. Do not hesitate and schedule an online demo and conversation with us.

Advantages Synigo Pulse

All applications
Secure and GDPR ready
Easy to understand
Social intranet and workplace in one
Modern tools
Integration Office 365, Intune, Citrix, RDS