The events module for all events and training courses on your intranet | Synigo Pulse

Meet each other. What’s on the agenda?

All activities, trainings and events in one nice place.

Show what’s being organized within your organization. Training courses, events, workshops, knowledge sessions, and meetups. Bring people together. In a focused way, thanks to group targeting. 

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The advantages of our Activities module:   

Bring people together

Facilitate the sharing of knowledge. Bring people together at training sessions, events, meetups, and more. 


Targeted per audience and with 1-click registration/cancellation. 

Look & feel

In your organization’s own look & feel, accessible from laptop and mobile. 

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Applications of Synigo Pulse Events 

The Activities module of Synigo Pulse can be used for all sorts of purposes. Think of examples such as:  

  • events / workshops / training courses 
  • introduction activities 
  • internal meetups 
  • fun activities, parties 

Relevant content through group targeting 

From its own environment, your editorial staff can create content and events, categorize them, and share them with the right target groups. Reaching your target audience is one of the platform’s strong features. You can use it to reach the right person via their laptop or mobile. 


With target groups, users only see events that are relevant for them. For example, field staff see different training courses than what is shown to a marketing employee, and a Business Studies student sees different information than an HBO-level nursing student does.  

What makes this module unique is its design in the organization’s own look & feel. Anyone can work from a recognizable place, on their laptop or mobile, without encountering a forest of apps and logins. 

Handy features

  • Registration and cancellation 
  • See the number of open spots 
  • Directly added to your Outlook agenda 
  • Filter on online events 
  • Share with target groups 
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