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One understandable digital workspace

Working digitally or digital workspace? 

The digital workspace is very popular. But what is the digital workspace, actually? Synigo Pulse for Microsoft 365 is the central digital workspace where employees come together and find all they need to be able to do their work. It’s a great way to work (digitally).  

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The advantages of our digital workspace:  


Get to work quickly with user-ready integrations with Microsoft, Citrix, RDS, and Liquit.   

Knowledge Base

User-ready knowledge base. Organize events and make the modern tools of Office 365 relevant.  


Using our API, you help users display personal notifications and smart lists from your business systems. 

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Working digitally 

Synigo helps its clients work using a target group focus. This allows us to get the most out of your Microsoft investment. That one spot — a portal or workspace — is a huge help; it’s visual and practical. 

But there’s one point our people agree on: The digital workspace is only successful when you actually work with it.

Software as a means 

Synigo Pulse is a product platform for quickly creating a beautiful workspace. Everything you need for work in one place. Things such as: activities, events, tasks, agendas, notifications, applications, company news, and groups you’re collaborating with. 


Synigo’s digital workspace provides an attractive front door for the user, one that’s personal and user-friendly. Your content team works with a user-friendly CMS — focused per target group and relevant. And, with our platform, your organization can roll out all kinds of smart applications that are based on Microsoft, such as onboarding, profile enrichment, checking in for meeting rooms, and more.  

Digital way of working 

At Synigo, we are continuously busy anchoring best practices in our software.  

The key take-aways of this effort are: 

  • Consider the workspace as a continuous improvement process. Don’t try to implement a “golden hammer.” 
  • Name an initiator who brings communication and ICT together. 
  • Make sure you have a clear message for your user. 
  • Take fun & small steps; improve often. This keeps it doable. It’s more a process than a project.  
  • Approach it as an investment in a platform (Microsoft 365, CRM Dynamics, API). The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  

Synigo collaborates with strong partners to give your project a beginning and an end.  

We enjoy having discussions with you — whether basic or detailed — about the information and software architecture. Contact us at

Technical attributes 

  • Integration of Citrix, Windows Virtual Desktop and RDS 
  • Integration with Liquit application provisioning: local applications, Citrix, RDS & App-V 
  • OneAPI: Bring data from your business systems to life in the workspace 
  • Work securely (GDRP-ready), Microsoft Azure AD, Intune
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The story of Vitaminstore (Dutch)

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We would like to show Synigo Pulse and tell our partner story about the digital workplace.
Call +31 88 3838500 or contact us for a free demo.

Modern tools for communication
Modern tools for communication
User-friendly access to information
User-friendly access to information
Easy to understand
Easy to understand
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