Showcases: Share your pride for your organization | Synigo Pulse

Showcases: Share your pride for your organization.

Share your masterpieces, encourage the sharing of knowledge.

Use the Showcase module to show off your projects, products, best practices and features. It has been set up to be flexible, so use it creatively.  

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What are showcases?   

With Showcases, you can display what you are proud of. Whether that’s a project, product or best practice. 

What can I do with showcases?   

Showcases make visible what is going on in your organization, who the changemakers are, what is the latest status of your project. You can entice users to contribute or share the showcase more widely within the organization.  


Handy features

  • Allow users to contribute and share 
  • Communicate the status using KPIs 
  • Share with targeted groups 

A nice central overview of your masterpieces. 

KPIs & Progress

Communicate clear KPIs. And the progress of the Showcase.


Encourage colleagues and users to contribute.

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