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Synigo Pulse is a solution that you can use independently. Together with our partners we help you on your way.

Our approach to workspace and social intranet implementation

Get started with Synigo Pulse

What’s great about Pulse is that you immediately have a picture that you can work with. You and your team determine what to change.   


Follow a clear step-by-step plan for the implementation of your new workspace & social intranet.  


Innovations are being added every month. Decide for yourself what you want to include and when.  

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“Synigo Pulse is a standard product that also offers enough flexibility to set it up as you like.” Marieke van den Oever, MBO Utrecht


The introduction of a new digital workspace & social intranet is done together. With your colleagues and users. We make sure that you can focus on the content. When setting up Synigo Pulse, it’s handy if you’re familiar with digital tools and functional knowledge.

Starting up

You receive a special link to activate your own workspace & social intranet. This goes very quickly so that your team immediately has a working environment. Together with your team, you’re ready to explore.

And then?

You start to organize and implement what you need. From putting together the project team to the final launch of the platform, and from configuration to adoption.

“It’s self-explanatory.” Tom Bos, ALS Foundation

Your project, with a beginning and an end  

Our people can explain to you in great detail how Pulse works. You can count on our partners for a beginning and an end to your project. Some examples are:

  • Implementation guidance
  • Adoption and organizational knowledge
  • Editorial skills
  • Microsoft 365 / Teams / SharePoint knowledge and expertise
  • Software development skills for data integration

For advice, contact us at: support@synigopulse.com.

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Can’t find your way? Wondering what is the best thing to do? Clients can reach Synigo 24/7 for help and questions. You can reach us via email, and you’ll get a quick response. You can also contact us by telephone during office hours (8:30 AM to 5:00 PM).  

Discuss online

Looking for next-level advice? Then we’ll quickly set up an online meeting with the right experts to help you further.  

“When the portal had just gone live, I wanted to post a memorial message about a deceased college on the portal, with the ability to respond directly below it. I didn’t know exactly how I should do that. So I called Synigo to ask that and they immediately said, ‘You concentrate on writing the memorial, and we’ll take care of the technical part for you.’ The message was posted that same day.” Corinne de Ruiter, ROC Aventus

“I’m happy to help you with our social intranet & digital workspace.” 

Shirley Halewijn
+3188 38 38 510

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