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Synigo services for the design and permanent adoption of your social intranet & digital workplace.

Need practical support? 

Have optimization work? Want to quickly get something set up? Have a creative discussion about the next phase? We’ll inspire you with the latest applications, set them up for you, and help you activate your users. 

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The advantages of our Pimp My Pulse services:


Don’t have enough time? We’ll quickly arrange things for you.   


Great examples, specific demos. Your team quickly sees what can be useful.   

We arrange it

What was that again? Our experts & partners will quickly arrange it for you.   

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Practical support 

With Pimp My Pulse, you make sure your social intranet & digital workspace is new and fresh. We implement hands-on innovations. 

Continuous optimization 

If you wish, we can take the wheel a bit more. Each quarter, we’ll scan your environment, suggest points for improvement, implement these as desired, and discuss the options with you.     

Implement innovations 

Your organization is changing: new people, different needs. What was handy and great last year is now outdated. You’re curious about new features (Pulse & Microsoft), options and specific applications. However, you just can’t seem to find the time and skills to get this done quickly.   

No problem, we’ll just pimp it up for you 

In just a few hours, we’ll have the key changes and wishes taken care of or explained and delegated. We can customize a number of items for you, hands-on. Such as: 

  • the onboarding module for new employees 
  • the new OneSearch  
  • a new events module 
  • a customer portal for external users 



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How it works   

1. Book an intake (for inspiration & coordination).   
2. Implement changes. 
3. Review these together (to root them and for communication with users). 

We offer you this in two ways: 

Ad hoc

Whenever it suits you 

  • Demo and inspiration 
  • Implementation of changes 

EUR 99 per hour*

Book an intake


Each quarter   

  • We scan your environment 
  • We propose applications 
  • Demo and inspiration 

Price upon request. 

Plan your first intake

* This rate applies to existing clients and after going live. 

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Want to arrange the following applications? 


Portal  Organize layout/portal differently. A different look & feel. 
Portal Set up a new portal/workspace for a separate target group. 
Search Search from 1 spot with the new OneSearch.   
Search Search in other source systems (TOPdesk, ServiceNow, etc). 
Knowledge Base Add one (or more) knowledge base(s) for a specific purpose. For example, for a different division, product market, etc. 
People Directory Enrich user profiles, link with HRM system, etc.   
News Display news in multiple locations using narrowcasting. 
News Add multiple news widgets to group news items. 
Activities Bring people together with the new events module.   
Native app Communicate via mobile phone using push notifications, among other methods. 
External parties Set up a portal for guests and clients. Give external parties access to parts of your environment, knowledge base, news, etc.  
Showcases Show which projects/products and best practices you’re proud of and entice employees to contribute.  


We can also help you with:   

Data integration  Nudges or smart notifications and lists from other Line of Business applications. Connect data (separate application, enterprise service bus). 
Adoption  A driving force needed for the adoption of your workspace & social intranet.  
Office 365 applications   Creative use of fun tools for communication, such as Sway, Stream, Teams, Flow, and more.  
Image bank Ensure a consistent visual image with your own images or using stock photos.  

Synigo works with its partnersto meet all your needs. In consultation, we enlist an expert partner to realize your wishes.  


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You can make use of our support in two ways. 

Ad hoc support

Enlist our help whenever it suits you. The costs are transparent and the intake is free. For remote configuration and in-depth help, our hourly rate is EUR 99*. Of course, a multi-support ticket is also possible. Plan a no-obligation intake. 

Recurring optimization work 

If you would like us to take the helm more and structurally update your environment, then you can enroll in subscription support. Price upon request. Contact Xavier Geerdink to discuss this further, at or +3188 38 38 500. 

* This rate applies to existing clients and after going live.