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Guest portal. Give your guests access.

Target group-oriented communication with a guest portal.

When you think of a social intranet or digital workplace, you quickly think of a platform for your own employees. But did you know that it is also easy to set up a digital workplace/intranet for guests? This is possible by means of Azure AD guest accounts. We are happy to tell you more about it! 

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The applications for guests:

Humanitas DMH

set up its client portal with guest access, giving clients insight into their own reports, goals and agreements. 

Visser & Visser

An accountancy and consultancy firm made it possible for customers to view their annual accounts via their portal.


Guest portals are very useful for organizations working with volunteers. This way the volunteers remain involved in the organization.

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Do you recognize this?

You want to communicate with more people than just your employees. Or you want to make specific information accessible. For example for customers, clients or partners. But you don't want to give them full rights to your Sharepoint environments and they don't have an email address on their own domain. That's what guests have access to! 

What can you do with guest access?

With an Azure AD guest account, someone can see everything that is managed from our platform. Think of news items, the knowledge base, featured showcases and/or events. But you control what they see. For example, you can create a separate AD group for guests and give that group access to the various sections. Such as a separate news category for guests. But you can also set up an entire portal for guests. We see that this often involves integrations with your own systems. Think of an Electronic Client Dossier or CRM – to provide insight into your own data.

Useful features

  • Weten & Regelen (knowledge base)
  • Event module
  • Landingspages
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The advantages:

Target group-oriented communication

The guest access allows you to serve all your target groups with information that suits them. You can easily manage all information and communication for your different target groups from one platform. Our CMS is easy and works intuitively. 

Be open & transparent

We see that there is an increasing desire to be open and transparent. For example, because legislation or your target group requires it. For example, a legal obligation of insight into data. Or the desire to be more involved in the news of your organization, of a separate BV that falls within the same group. With guest accounts you can communicate & inform openly & transparently.

Good to know

  • Guest portal is standard in Pulse
  • Easily manage content for all your different target groups
  • Integrations with many systems possible
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