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Onboard your users: Welcome them like a warm bath

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. 

How do you make sure that new users quickly and easily find their way and their colleagues in the organization? With Synigo Pulse, you welcome your users and show them where they can get to know each other. 

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The advantages of our Onboarding module: 


Use personal profile information, be creative with content. 


View and add to profile information in Delve/SharePoint. 

Look & Feel

In your organization’s own look & feel, accessible from laptop and mobile. 

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New users quickly and easily find their way and their colleagues in the organization 

New users enter via their laptop or mobile and are welcomed to their digital workspace in the look & feel of the organization. There they immediately see relevant activities and info. They can also indicate their preferences for content they want to receive. 

A good introduction is crucial for a good start

Determine your own onboarding steps 

The editorial staff can create the steps from their own intranet environment and direct them to a target group. You determine which steps will be included in the onboarding experience. At least the following steps are available: 

  • View/upload profile (Microsoft Delve/SharePoint). 
  • Complete profile information: about me, skills, and interests. 
  • Specify personal preferences for news and events.  
  • Indicate language preference. 
  • Completion step. 
  • Free step: Here, your own content, such as a tip, can be shared attractively. 

Target groups and security 

An important advantage in terms of security is the authentication and authorization in Pulse, where you as an organization can determine the security level — for example, through multi-factor authentication. 

Reaching your target audience is one of the platform’s strong features, and you can use it to reach the right person at the right moment via their laptop or mobile. Target audiences are set up for the organization based on Azure AD groups.  

Good features

  • Determine the steps per target group 
  • Integrate with Delve/SharePoint 
  • Onboard starting from a certain date 
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