Features: One central portal, Microsoft Teams, News, Knowledge base, Groups and more | Synigo Pulse


One central workplace

Everything you need for your work, such as: tasks, calendars, notifications, apps, company news, groups and teams


Central portal for all your applications

  • Office 365 applications: well known Office 365 web apps available by default (e.g. Teams, Word and CRM).
  • Web applications: web apps targetted Azure AD groups.
  • Data center applications: Citrix, RDS (BYOD), WVD.
  • Local applications: manual or intelligent using Liquit.


Encourage collaboration. Employees can easily respond, collaborate, communicate and share documents.

  • My groups/MS Teams: quickly open chats, documents, agenda, members, notes and tasks
  • My teamsites: your SharePoint sites (communication, team and home)
  • Calendar: recent appointments from your calendar
  • My tasks: Tasks from Planner and To-Do (Outlook tasks; upcoming)
  • People Directory: find colleagues and skills

User experience

Working with Synigo Pulse is great! You'll master it in no time.

  • Personalizable: choose what's relevant for you
  • Search: documents, knowledge, employees, news, articles
  • My apps: web, legacy and local apps, all together
  • My favorites: create your own shortcuts
  • Look-and-feel: a theme that fits your organization
  • Mobile-ready: work on every device
  • Target audiences: different layouts, widgets, content and apps

Interact with colleagues

See what's happening in your organization, groups and teams. Respond instantly.

  • Timeline: see and be seen, chat and respond instantly (Microsoft Teams, Groups, Yammer)
  • Birthdays: congratulate your colleagues
  • Report news: bottom-up collection of ideas from the organization
  • Who is Who: quickly find colleagues (also in native app)
  • Employee profiles: share knowledge, show who you are
  • Polls: publish polls


Synigo Pulse turns your workplace into a data driven workplace.

  • Notifications: personal notifications from line of business applications.
  • Smart lists: detailed data from other systems.
  • Pulse API: data-exchange, presentation layer.
  • Education: grades (open education api), schedules.
  • Legacy applications: Citrix, RDS (BYOD) and Liquit.


Relevant documents at your fingertips.

  • Recent documents: recent documents, shared with you, documents in your mail.
  • Document Management: easy access to formal documentation (contracts, files, etc.).
  • Quicklinks: to important documents.
  • Present: find organizational information in FAQ format.

Share knowledge

Find facts, answers and procedures easily. Synigo Pulse offers content managers an user friendly CMS. (also in native app)

  • Knowledge base: share central organizational information (procedures, quality manuals and FAQ) in a modern way.
  • Question and answer: direct answers to your questions.
  • Respond: comment to FAQ.
  • Content owners: who is responsible.
  • Products and services catalog: share your best practices.

Content Management

User-friendly Content Management System.

  • Content Management: intuitive and structure.
  • Audiences: target content using AD groups.
  • RSS feed out: show news in different places (narrowcasting).
  • Lay-out: change style and lay-out easily.
  • Analytics: see who uses what.
  • API-driven: im- and export data.


Involve customers, clients and partners. Create client portals. 

  • Clientportal: create portal for customers.
  • Files: provide access to clients, customers and partners.
  • Parent portal: communicate with parents about their children.
  • Guest access: give guests access to interact with your organization.


Engage employees with your organization

  • Up-to-date news: your organization's news per topic.
  • Push notifications: notify employees immediately.
  • Quick links: links to important content and forms.
  • Emergency news: messages like IT outages and disasters.
  • Highlight: banner and/or carousel with images.
  • Help/Servicedesk: FAQ and Servicedesk.
  • Events: browse events per category.