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All the knowledge you need for your customer

Improve communications and collaboration within and between stores with Pulse for Microsoft 365

Good advice is worth its weight in gold. Whether a good customer shops with you online or is standing at the checkout: employees make the difference with good advice about your company’s products. But that’s only possible if they know all the latest facts and trends. Pulse for Microsoft 365 gives each employee a clear place for easy sharing of knowledge about customers and products on the sales floor in the stores.

Benefits of social intranet & digital workplace in retail, stores and wholesale:

  • More time and attention for the customer thanks to clear provision of information.
  • Quick communication between stores and with the head office.
  • Easily share product knowledge.
  • Collaborate with franchisees and franchise owners.
  • Easily provide employees with relevant information.

Case study: Vitaminstore has more time for the customer thanks to Synigo Pulse.

Knowledge in the store

Consumers have increasing choice on all fronts: in the products and services they can purchase, where they purchase (online, store, shopping area), how they do that (in person or by computer or smartphone), and when (24/7). An attractive shopping formula is naturally important for attracting customers. But you can only continue to win over your customer when employees can provide good advice based on through knowledge. Synigo Pulse for Office 365 enables employees to share up-to-the-minute information. Quick and easy. Employees can use the knowledge base to easily consult the entire organization for the knowledge and skills they need. Product descriptions, tips and FAQs are presented in a user-friendly manner.

Communication among headquarters, offices and franchisees & franchise owners

Collaboration is not always easy. That’s why Pulse offers a social intranet and user-friendly digital work environment that make collaboration and sharing knowledge simpler. As a result, employees are more inclined to work together. Whether it’s chats, documents, agendas or marketing material – all are quickly shared.

Less administration

Convenience, overview and further automation of tasks and processes allow for a significant reduction in administrative pressure, so that store employees can give more time and attention to the customer.

Mobile and more quickly up to date

Consumers are more mobile and employees are, too. That’s why it is incredibly handy to be able to work with others regardless of time, location and device. Pulse for Microsoft 365 gives employees the company in their pocket: tasks, agendas, notifications, applications, company news and all information about the team in which he or she works.

Data integration

Currently, stores are undergoing a digital transformation. This includes digital fitting rooms and screens on which you can indicate the delivery address so you don’t have to carry around your purchases. In such a digital environment it is key to have all information from various systems come together in one place. That place is Pulse. Not only does Pulse bring together data and notifications, but it can also display data visualizations and KPIs based on Microsoft Power BI. So you maintain an overview.

Working safely

The privacy and safety of customer and employee data are a top priority for commercial companies. Pulse for Microsoft 365 is GDPR-ready, which means that you comply with the latest European privacy regulations. As a retail organization, you have control over access and data through the regular Microsoft Active Directory / Office 365 settings.


Retail margins are increasingly under pressure. Pulse for Office 365 is competitively priced and can be activated in no time. No complicated projects or customization are necessary.

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