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Improve the mobility and safety of healthcare workers with Pulse for Microsoft 365

Patient feedback, a graying population and an increase in lifestyle illnesses ensure continuous growth in healthcare. Pulse for Microsoft Office 365 tones down the digital noise for each employee – from doctor and nurse to the staff employee – so they can focus on the work where they can make the most contribution.

Benefits of social intranet & digital workplace in healthcare:

  • More time and attention for the patient thanks to clear provision of information.
  • Easy communication and simple digital collaboration.
  • Safe and GDPR-ready social intranet and digital workplace.
  • Lower costs due to turnkey (healthcare) workplace.
  • Grows with the institution thanks to modular construction. Start easy.
  • User-friendly knowledge base encourages access to and sharing of knowledge.

Inspirational stories from the field, Pharmaccess makes Care in Africa accessible:

Mobile working

With the shift from intramural to extramural care, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to share information regardless of time, place and device. Pulse for Microsoft Office 365 gives healthcare employees everything they need to know to be able to do their work: access to EPD or ECD and other applications, tasks, agendas, notifications, institutional news, and groups in which someone works.

Share knowledge

Employees can use the knowledge base to easily consult the entire organization for the knowledge and skills they need. Hospital procedures, protocols, quality manuals and FAQs are presented in a user-friendly manner. This increases the quality and safety of healthcare.


The social intranet and digital work environment make it easy to collaborate and share knowledge. Employees are more inclined to work together in a user-friendly and clear user interface.

Less registration work

Combined with the automation of tasks and processes, there is a significant reduction in registration work so that doctors and nurses can give more time and attention to the patient. And staff employees won’t waste time on administrative busywork.

Data integration

The future will be marked by innovation – for example, in the area of e-health. The greater the number of digital applications, the more difficult it is to present all information in a well-organized way. This is where Pulse makes the difference. Notifications from various healthcare systems can be easily integrated. This way, the provision of care remains clear. Not only does Pulse bring together data and notifications, but it can also display data visualizations and KPIs based on Microsoft Power BI. So you maintain an overview.

Working safely

The privacy and safety of patient and employee data are a top priority for care institutions. Pulse for Microsoft 365 is GDPR-ready. What is distinctive here is that the institution has control over access and data through the regular Microsoft Active Directory / Office 365 settings.


The government puts increasing pressure on costs. Pulse for Office 365 is competitively priced and can be activated in no time. No complicated projects or customization are necessary.

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More time for patients
Easy communication
Safe and GDPR-ready
Save on workplace costs
Start easy

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