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Coordinate with all generations in the educational system

Improve communication and collaboration among students, lecturers and employees

Students expect modern, social and mobile tools. Educational institutions feel the need to make the organization more communicative and to promote collaboration. How do you combine these expectations and aims into a personal environment that provides relevant information to employees and students alike? Synigo Pulse for Microsoft Office 365 is the central digital place where employees, lecturers and students come together and find all they need to be able to do their work and their educational program.

Benefits of a social intranet in education are:

  • Increase students’ satisfaction.
  • Promote the mutual sharing of knowledge.
  • Make it easier to find information.
  • Integrate with the key primary learning systems.
  • Communicate relevant information and avoid information overload.
  • Encourage collaboration among employees, lecturers and students.

Customer story, the portal of Dutch school Noorderpoort:

Communication and collaboration are key

Educational institutions have a need for better internal collaboration. Their many alliances and fusions often result in large and complex organizations. With Synigo Pulse for Office 365, various locations and departments can work together in a networked manner. They can put together a personal portal and customize the environment entirely to their own wishes.

Focus on content and adoption

A social intranet & digital workplace in education will have the greatest level of adoption if the environment is in line with the desired method of working. Because Synigo Pulse for Office 365 is a turnkey product, implementation teams can focus entirely on layout, content migration and adoption. Synigo Pulse gives a boost to the adoption of Office 365 and the social intranet.


Synigo Pulse is user-friendly. It brings all information together in one central place. For students and lecturers, it is therefore the starting point of all activities. Pulse works independently of time and place and it can also be used with any device. Synigo Pulse for Microsoft Office 365 puts students’ educational programs in their pocket and lecturers, their work: tasks, agendas, notifications, applications, institutional news and teams in which he or she works.

One integrated environment

With Synigo Pulse, employees and students get one integrated environment for their activities and educational program. Pulse offers the opportunity to link with the primary systems used by educational institutions, such as the electronic learning environment, the student registration system, and planning and scheduling.

ICT complexity

Many educational institutions have quite a history when it comes to ICT systems. What is unusual in Synigo Pulse for Office 365 is that it is the connecting link between the new and the old worlds as well as the on-site and cloud worlds. Old intranets and legacy applications can become a natural part of the social intranet and the digital workplace. Synigo Pulse for Office 365 is scalable and easily grows along with changes in the number of students.

Working safely

Data privacy and safety are important in education. Synigo Pulse for Microsoft Office 365 is GDPR-ready, which means that you as an educational institution comply with the latest European privacy regulations. You have control over access and data through the regular Microsoft Active Directory / Office 365 settings.





Students are more satisfied
Promote the sharing of knowledge
Find information more easily
Integrate educational systems
Promote collaboration

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