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Last modified: September 2021

Below is our roadmap of new features to be added - first enabled on preview, then on production. Please note that this planning is an indication.  

Working on it now

The portal of Synigo Pulse

  • Accessibilty
  • New menu


The native app of Synigo Pulse

  • Intune policies
  • Timeline

Working on it next

The portal of Synigo Pulse

  • Optimizing the Knowledge Base

The native app of Synigo Pulse

  • Intune
  • Intune managed

Planning and what we will do in the near future

You are welcome to take a deep dive in our current work and plans for the future. We share a detailed plan with customers and partners. There you can 

  • discuss use cases
  • vote on features
  • see and discuss about priorities

This is invitation only. Please send us an email at 

More about our release management read here. 

Support and feedback

Please contact us for questions, brainstorming or any other discussion at 

The releasenotes are here. 

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