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Business services

Starting internally is winning externally

Engaged employees who work well together and work efficiently are the basis for good business services

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Personal digital tools for every type of employee

Within business services, a lot is focused on the customer, or client. Companies increasingly feel the need to get things in order internally, in order to achieve the right results externally. They want involved employees and are looking for a channel for internal communication. Aim for good cooperation between colleagues by offering the right tools. And want to work as efficiently as possible - by setting up the right integrations. But not everyone works the same. And not everyone has the same preferences. Personal digital tools are being looked at.

‘‘Synigo Pulse gives us the opportunity to connect our employees centrally and efficiently. We couldn't do without it anymore'', says Esther Jansen Duighuizen – Talpa Network

Synigo Pulse & business services

Synigo Pulse for Microsoft Office 365 is the central digital workplace and social intranet with data integration options for business services. It is the starting point of your day. Accessible from your browser, Microsoft Teams or the Native App.


  • Portal for digital workplace and social intranet
  • Internal communication, two-way street
  • Involve employees in brand
  • Good integration possibilities
  • No hassle with customization, get started right away
  • Accessible via your browser, Microsoft Teams and the native app
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The benefits of our platform for business service providers

Rapid implementation

No long implementation time required. Thanks to our standard software you can get started after 1 hour.

Get the most out of Microsoft 365

Get everything out of Microsoft 365 and achieve faster adoption of Microsoft Teams, for example.

Integration with systems

Our platform can integrate with, for example, Afas, Dynamics CRM, Sharepoint and Topdesk. Get the best out of your business systems to Pulse.