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Work smarter? Link all your applications in one workplace

Let go of the one-size-fits-all idea and really get to know what an individual employee needs to do his or her work.

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Slimmer werken? Koppel al je applicaties aan een werkplek

Wie niet nieuwsgierig is naar hoe het beter kan, zal zichzelf ook nooit verbeteren. Dat is waarom veel bedrijven qua manier van werken zijn blijven hangen in de jaren ’90. Peter de Haas laat zien dat het anders kan met de Moderne Werkplek.

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Five biggest mistakes of Digital Workplace

Almost everyone has a computer at their workplace. But how do you make sure your staff can actually work successfully in this computer workplace?

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The Enterprise Front Door: my takeaways from Entopic's Congres Intranet 2018

My favorite speaker of last Thursday's Congres Intranet in Utrecht is James Robertson, a well-known intranet expert based in Sydney, Australia. I've joined both his keynote and his session about the purposes of modern intranets. It was a great recognition of how we've designed Synigo Pulse. Forget the old internal push communication medium, it's all about the end user now.

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Using your applications single sign-on on social intranet

A functional, pretty non-technical guide on how to use Single Sign-on to your application. In this blogpost I would like to share with you an easy way to make your applications available using Single Sign-on. Many clients ask for this feature on their intranet and digital workplace. To be sure, the fact that I (as a consultant) write about this, demonstrates how easy single sign-on has become. Thank you Microsoft. It's such a great feature that makes my life easier each and everyday.

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Case Study: Adopting Collaborative Working

PharmAccess combines Office 365, SharePoint and Synigo Pulse for a personalized intranet "to improve healthcare access in Sub-Saharan Africa". Angela from the Field Operations Team in Kenya shares how they adopted collaborative working practices as a team using Pamoja (nickname of their social intranet).

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