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Digital workplace and social intranet implementation is a change process

Many organizations carry out the implementation of a digital work environment as if it’s an IT project. They make Office 365 a priority and they also want to do something with a social intranet. Involve other stakeholders to! In this blogitem I share lessons learned from a business perspective.

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Nudging or motivation: adoption and change management of Office 365

This year I attended my first Microsoft Inspire. Central to many of the conversations I had with people during #msinspire was adoption and change management, a subject that is very dear to me. Based on a meetup on adoption I facilitated I made a short presentation with the most important take aways.

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Five biggest mistakes of Digital Workplace

Almost everyone has a computer at their workplace. But how do you make sure your staff can actually work successfully in this computer workplace?

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The Enterprise Front Door: my takeaways from Entopic's Congres Intranet 2018

My favorite speaker of last Thursday's Congres Intranet in Utrecht is James Robertson, a well-known intranet expert based in Sydney, Australia. I've joined both his keynote and his session about the purposes of modern intranets. It was a great recognition of how we've designed Synigo Pulse. Forget the old internal push communication medium, it's all about the end user now.

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Case Study: Adopting Collaborative Working

PharmAccess combines Office 365, SharePoint and Synigo Pulse for a personalized intranet "to improve healthcare access in Sub-Saharan Africa". Angela from the Field Operations Team in Kenya shares how they adopted collaborative working practices as a team using Pamoja (nickname of their social intranet).

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