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Digital workplace and social intranet implementation is a change process

Many organizations carry out the implementation of a digital work environment as if it’s an IT project. They make Office 365 a priority and they also want to do something with a social intranet. Involve other stakeholders to! In this blogitem I share lessons learned from a business perspective.

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Office 365 Groups created from Microsoft Teams will be hidden from Outlook by default

Microsoft has recently rolled out the Office 365 Roadmap Feature 'Office 365 Groups created from Microsoft Teams will be hidden from Outlook by default' (ID 26955). What does this change mean for you and your users? How can you enable the Outlook Online features again? How to prevent your users from getting lost?

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Modern SharePoint Sites: new interface, old pitfalls

During #SPC18 Microsoft revealed new features in SharePoint Communications Sites & Hub Sites and the brand new SharePoint Spaces. Impressive! But beware, even with these beautiful new features, old pitfalls remain topical.

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Five biggest mistakes of Digital Workplace

Almost everyone has a computer at their workplace. But how do you make sure your staff can actually work successfully in this computer workplace?

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The Enterprise Front Door: my takeaways from Entopic's Congres Intranet 2018

My favorite speaker of last Thursday's Congres Intranet in Utrecht is James Robertson, a well-known intranet expert based in Sydney, Australia. I've joined both his keynote and his session about the purposes of modern intranets. It was a great recognition of how we've designed Synigo Pulse. Forget the old internal push communication medium, it's all about the end user now.

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Case Study: Adopting Collaborative Working

PharmAccess combines Office 365, SharePoint and Synigo Pulse for a personalized intranet "to improve healthcare access in Sub-Saharan Africa". Angela from the Field Operations Team in Kenya shares how they adopted collaborative working practices as a team using Pamoja (nickname of their social intranet).

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