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Working as a marketing manager

Can you convey a message, organise (online) marketing activities. Then we are looking for you!

Can you convince us?

Can you convey a message, organise (online) marketing activities. Then we are looking for you!
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Marketing Manager

Your key task is to ensure that even more people have heard of Synigo. And, ultimately, try out for themselves our personal Pulse platform for a social intranet and digital workspace. As Marketing Manager, you will know the right campaigns to use for persuading online, with eye-catching text and images. By further optimizing our website, being present on social media, creating commercial campaigns together with our partners (or having them created), and structuring our demo portals in a beautiful and UX-friendly way, you’ll contribute to our objectives. We are looking for a marketing manager to organise this at Synigo.

The focus of your role is to be a driving force. Along with marketing specialists, designers and copywriters, you’ll give meaning to the marketing agenda. 

We’re looking for someone who

  • Conducts cool campaigns
  • Organizes the customer journey (or has them provided)
  • Can tell stories (or have them told) about Pulse in words and images
  • Is social and takes practical action
  • Enjoys working with others on our service objective to have clients set up their social intranet & digital workspace independently

Your tasks

  • You are responsible for all the words and images about Synigo (content management: from blogs to whitepapers and videos).
  • You think of creative ways to have discussions with potential partners and clients (such as referral campaigns, commercial mails, advertising, webinars and more), in collaboration with our Business Consultant, among others.
  • You optimize our website, for the user as well as for Google (SEO).

From here, the role can be further structured flexibly. We pay special attention to the person and our objectives. For example, do you enjoy focusing on our clients’ portals? Or do you want to share your marketing & communication knowledge now and then during our client consulting hours? Then that’s possible!

Your setting

  • We are a small team of people, with whom you will work closely. Your colleagues have expertise in marketing, sales and DevOps.
  • You will have a team of engineers and developers to support you and who can give you the technical knowledge about our product, so that you’ll be an expert on social intranets and digital workspaces in no time.
  • We love words and images — but we no longer have time to create everything ourselves. While we already have a wish list, we’re always open to your good ideas!

The challenge

Synigo Pulse is evolving rapidly. So, if you love action, you’ve come to the right place.

  • We have a marketing plan and have already tried out a lot of things. So, we know approximately what works and what doesn’t. But this has always been on the back burner. And now is the time to bring it to the front.
  • Questions from clients can also suggest a new feature, an opportunity for the platform — which you can brainstorm with us about.

Your background

  • Welcoming and service-oriented
  • You write well, in Dutch as well as in English

Terms of employment

  • A competitive salary
  • Compensation of transportation costs
  • Nice colleagues and clients, and independence
Send us a message and indicate why you would like an introductory meeting. You can send this message directly to or link with him on Linkedin Click here.

Who we are

Synigo Pulse is the ultimate personal portal for companies and educational institutions. It’s a social intranet & digital workspace in one. Synigo Pulse is used by organizations such as Vitaminstore, Talpa Network, UNICEF, Hogeschool Saxion, Friese Poort and Noorderpoort. We work with technology and consultancy companies (including Microsoft, Simac, Broadhorizon and Lemontree). Diverse and dynamic.

Synigo B.V. is a fast-growing, independent software provider that specializes in solutions for collaboration and the digital working environment. Located in Deventer, Synigo B.V. is a Dutch company that was founded in 2016. Synigo employees realize services for people — services that make their work easier and more pleasant — and use state-of-the-art technology to do that.

More information can be found at:

Synigo is a Microsoft partner

Using Synigo Pulse, regional training center ROC Rijn IJssel was presented with the European Intranet Award.

Strategic collaboration with the Isatis Group

Synigo has a strategic collaboration with the Isatis Group. The essence of the collaboration is that Synigo Pulse has become stronger in its software development and in its business operations. For Isatis, Synigo Pulse offers a new breeding ground for innovative software solutions and a nice challenge for its employees.