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All knowledge in your pocket for your customer

Improve in-store and cross-store communication and collaboration with Pulse for Microsoft 365 and Teams

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Working mobile

Good advice is worth gold. Whether a customer shops online with you or stands in front of the counter, employees make the difference with good advice about products. This is only possible if they are well informed about the latest facts and news. Pulse for Microsoft 365 gives every employee a clear place to better share knowledge about customers and products on the shop floor in the stores.

We have more time for the customer, says Martien Overbeek, Rayon Manager Vitaminstore

Knowledge in the store

Consumers have more and more choice, on all fronts: in products and services they can buy, where they buy them (online, shop, shopping area), how they do it (physical, computer, smartphone) and when (24/7). Of course, an attractive store formula is important to attract customers. But you can only win the battle for the customer's favor if employees can provide good advice based on in-depth knowledge. Synigo Pulse for Microsoft 365 lets employees share information in the moment. Quick and easy. With the knowledge base, they can easily consult the knowledge and skills of the entire organization. Product descriptions, tips and FAQ are presented in a user-friendly way.


  • Communication between shop and head office
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Working together
  • Involve employees with the brand
  • Encourage collaboration
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De voordelen van ons platform voor de retail

Rapid implementation

No long implementation time required.

Get the most out of Microsoft 365

Quick communication between stores and with the head office. Also with Teams

Inform store staff

Reach all store personnel. Involve them in your brand.

Native App

Synigo Pulse includes a native app for Apple and Android. The native app gives employees a handy mobile app where they have everything together for their training. Extra handy is that you can send push notifications (or have them sent), such as schedule changes and urgent notifications. The following features are available, among others:

  • News
  • Corporate identity
  • FAQ
  • Notifications
  • Calendar with schedule options
  • Directory
  • Documents
  • Create your own dashboard with links to other (native) apps
  • Push notifications
  • It is possible to get your own native app in the stores

Communication to head office, branches, and franchisees and givers

Collaboration is not always easy. That is why Pulse offers a social intranet and user-friendly digital work environment that makes collaboration and knowledge sharing easier. As a result, employees are more inclined to cooperate. Whether it's chats, documents, calendars or marketing materials, it's quickly shared.

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What does the Vitaminstore workplace look like? In Dutch

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