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The digital campus for education

Increase involvement and efficiency by adapting the digital learning and working environment to the different needs of students and teachers.

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Modern digital tools for students

Students expect modern, social and mobile tools. Educational institutions feel the need to make the organization more communicative and to promote cooperation. How do you combine this into a personal environment that provides employees and students with relevant information?

The biggest advantage is the time savings for teachers, says Marieke van den Oever, MBO Utrecht.

Synigo Pulse in education

Synigo Pulse for Microsoft 365 is the central digital place where employees, teachers and students come together and find everything they need to do their work and study.


  • Students find information
  • Stimulate knowledge sharing
  • Integrate primary learning systems
  • Reduce information overload
  • Encourage collaboration

Hey... we have made an info sheet/brochure especially for education, so that you, as an educational institution, get a good idea of how you can use our platform (digital campus). Only in Dutch at the moment. 

View the education info sheet
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The benefits of our platform for education

Rapid implementation

No long implementation time required. Thanks to our standard software you can get started after 1 hour.

Get the most out of Microsoft 365

Get the most out of Microsoft 365 and achieve a faster adoption of, for example, Microsoft Teams.

Integration with education

Our platform contains standard widgets for grades and can integrate with, for example, Magister, Blackboard, Bison, Zermelo.

Student app

Synigo Pulse includes a native app for Apple and Android. The native app gives your students (and employees) a handy mobile app where they have everything together for their education. Extra handy is that you can send push notifications (or have them sent), such as schedule changes and urgent notifications. The following features are available, among others:

  • News
  • Own corporate identity
  • FAQ
  • Notifications
  • Calendar with schedule options
  • Directory
  • Grades
  • Documents
  • Create your own dashboard with links to other (native) apps
  • Push notifications for grades
  • It is possible to get your own native app in the stores.

Communication and collaboration is key

Educational institutions have a great need for better internal cooperation. Partnerships and mergers have often resulted in large and complex organizations. With Synigo Pulse for Microsoft 365, different locations and departments can work together in a network-like way. They can put together a personal portal and adapt the environment completely to their own wishes.

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ROC Noorderpoort

ROC Noorderpoort has been using Synigo Pulse for many years. Video is in Dutch.

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