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Improve communication between healthcare workers through our digital workplace, Microsoft 365 and Teams

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Working mobile

With the shift from intramural to extramural care, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to share information with each other independent of time, place and equipment. With Pulse for Microsoft 365, healthcare employees have everything at hand to do their job, such as: access to EHR or ECD and other applications, tasks, calendars, notifications, company news and groups in which someone collaborates.

Employees should always have the information and applications relevant to them at hand, says Stephan Veroen, Quality & Safety advisor Humanitas DMH

Synigo Pulse in the healthcare sector

Empowerment of the patient, an aging population and an increase in lifestyle diseases ensure a constant growth of healthcare. Pulse for Microsoft 365 gives every employee - from doctors and nurses to executives - digital peace of mind so they can focus on the work where they add the greatest value.


  • More time for patients
  • Easy communication
  • Secure and GDPR ready
  • Save on workplace costs
  • Start simple
  • Encourage collaboration
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The benefits of our platform for healthcare

Rapid implementation

No long implementation time required.

Get the most out of Microsoft 365

Stimulate knowledge sharing and achieve faster adoption of Microsoft Teams.

Integration with client files

Integrate notifications from healthcare systems. Offer a client portal.

Integration and digital client portal

The coming years will be dominated by innovation, for example in the field of e-health. The more digital applications there are, the more difficult it is to present all information together in a clear way. This is where Pulse distinguishes itself. Notifications and smart lists from various healthcare systems can be easily integrated. In this way, the care provision remains transparent. Pulse not only brings data and notifications together, but can also display data visualizations and KPIs based on Microsoft Power BI. This way you keep an overview, including the client.

Native app

Synigo Pulse includes a native app for Apple and Android. The native app gives healthcare workers a handy mobile app where they have everything together for their training. Extra handy is that you can send push notifications (or have them sent), such as schedule changes and urgent notifications. The following features are available, among others:

  • News
  • Own corporate identity
  • FAQ
  • Notifications
  • Calendar with schedule options
  • Directory
  • Documents
  • Create your own dashboard with links to other (native) apps
  • Push notifications
  • It is possible to get your own native app in the stores.

Less registration burden

In combination with the automation of tasks and processes, the registration pressure can be reduced considerably, so that doctors and nurses can devote more time and attention to the patient. And so that staff members don't waste time on administrative hassle.

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PharmAccess is an international organization that aims to improve access to healthcare in Africa. Video is in Dutch. 

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