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Humanitas DMH accesses important information and applications centrally, via a new digital workspace

With more than 1400 employees, Humanitas DMH (HDMH) provides care to people with (mild) mental disabilities or behavioral problems. A new digital workspace based on Synigo Pulse is intended to make it easy to integrate technological innovations in the daily processes. “A digital workspace is increasingly becoming an instrument for providing higher quality care,” according to Stephan Verroen, adviser for Quality and Safety. Let’s take a look behind the scenes.

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Digital workplace and social intranet implementation is a change process

Many organizations carry out the implementation of a digital work environment as if it’s an IT project. They make Office 365 a priority and they also want to do something with a social intranet. Involve other stakeholders to! In this blogitem I share lessons learned from a business perspective.

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The Enterprise Front Door: my takeaways from Entopic's Congres Intranet 2018

My favorite speaker of last Thursday's Congres Intranet in Utrecht is James Robertson, a well-known intranet expert based in Sydney, Australia. I've joined both his keynote and his session about the purposes of modern intranets. It was a great recognition of how we've designed Synigo Pulse. Forget the old internal push communication medium, it's all about the end user now.

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